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||Desing & Animation Student||

||Rugby Player||

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cana-mochi Asked,
❝*whispers bro/john into your ear then floats off into the sun* <3❞

oh no! now you know one of my secret ships

the-bamesinator-deactivated2012 Asked,
❝You reblog awesome stuff! keep it up :3❞

Thank you so much ;w; I’ll try my best :3

wingull Asked,
❝you forgot cuddle with me❞
Tonight’s plan
  • Eat a sandwich
  • Play Splinter Cell conviction (one of my favorite games)
  • Reblog awesome posts
  • Go to bed late :3


(be back in 2 hrs :P)

hourglassghost-deactivated20131 Asked,
❝200! I send it again >:3 lol <3❞

okay xD Thanks Karjat ;w; <>!

  • A magic staff or sth with magic powers :D 
  • My line? ahem…”I KILLED YOU! YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHI…!” lol nope. I would be something like this uwu ” I’m finally done with you…NEXT!” :9

smarmie-deactivated20140717 Asked,
❝Tag! You're it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it!❞

(I should answer this ;3;)

-I love tea :3

-When I’m home I always sleep with my dog.

-My favorite kind of music would be indie and certain soundtracks

-I practice rugby with guys. (We don’t hame a female team :( )

-My favorite video games are the ones you can’t be detected.

-I love to cook 

-I like insects photography but I hate them IRL :S

-I always draw at night

-I like old school fashion

-I still watch cartoons. Some of them are good :)

schmoopoo Asked,
❝WHAT THE WHAT. IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY?! OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS THIS CALLS FOR A CELEBRATION I NEED TO THROW IMAGINARY CAKE IN YOUR FACE happy (late ;;) birthday babbu you are fantastic and the year to come will be just as fantastic ( ˘ ³˘)♥❞

lkaAHBXS;;; Thank you so much ;w; I’m sorry for not telling anyone about my birth day. I appreciate your fantastic message :) You are so lovely ;3; I wish you have a fantastic year too <3

ghostsandchandeliers Asked,
❝NEJENNA! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS. I think. Ithink that is how it is said. BUT I HOPE YOUR BIRTHDAY IS FULL OF WONDERFUL THINGS! *abrazo* (´≝ ω ≝`)❞

Than you Karjat ;w; (my BD is July 27th I didn’t check Tumblr for a few days OTZ) I had a great time. I didn’t get wonderful presents but at least I will take the xbox with me for next semester :D And yes, you said it right :) your spanish is not bad, don’t worry ;3;

cana-mochi Asked,

((Awww thank you ;w; I’m glad you like it uwu))

otaokus Asked,
❝ahh ur art is so kawaii u//q//u❞

Thank you!! I really appreciate your compliment 

btw I really like your blog :3

cana-mochi Asked,
❝Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it! (NO TAGBACKS! ;3)❞

Hmmm…5 facts. Okay, i’ll do my best.

- I love to make people feel better when they have problems. Im like a therapist for my friends. But in the end I get stressed because I always try to find a solution to their problems.

-I love rainy days. I look out my window at the clouds while listening relaxing music.

-I have a very short temper. Specially when I’m surrounded by guys (here in Mexico). I just wait for the moment when they say something male chauvinist on my face.

- I like to sleep with a pile of clean clothes on my bed…(it doesn’t happen very often)

-I almost never finish my drawings. I have to start work on a new drawing or animation in order to get bored (again) and finish the fist one. 

Done! :D (that was harder than expected :\)

Noww, let’s tag some people!!! >:DDD